Access Control System
Access means right to entry or admission. An Access Control System is an electronic apparatus and a proactive effort to keep unofficial persons out of premise/area which acts as a supplement to complete Security Solution. The essential purpose of Access Control System is to restrain unknown entry and provide first-rate report which could be generated as and when required in case of safety disobedience. This device can be installed at a premise, a complex, offices, warehouses, safety lockers, banks where the right to open or enter is only given to notified personals.
Access Control System has now become a common concept in everyday usage. Block the unauthorized entries with protection of any secret vital information from illicit objects is the main purpose of this system. A marvelously designed system access control apparatus is free from human error.
How It Operates    
An Access Control point can be referred to an entrance or gateway with a standalone electric security device which is operated by a button or switch. To mechanize this Operator Mediation is placed by a reader which can be software or a key surface like a Biometric or Card Reader. The secret code placed is sent to the Control Panel which checks the code against the list saved in the machine and after verification it permits access. It is controlled in similar fashion during every entry. This system is to be placed at an easily reachable location being a repetitive exercise for each time entry.
For exit a separate machine is placed at the opposite side to depart. If the exit is not required to be managed then a switch, bell or button known as Request to Exit is used. For authorized individual RTE and the access control both can operate which is free from mechanical entry in the software and is not recorded.
Unauthorized entries are avoided through the Electronic Access Control System which implies safety and security.
Illicit data tampering is stopped as access is restricted to specified individuals.
Old fashioned keys can be easily duplicated and misutilized which is not possible in Access Control System keeping the system protected from fiddling from unknown entrants.
Once installed Access Control System are long term and need not be changed so the investment is one time.
The data recovered from the Access Control System is systematic and easy to generate. Once trained the process is very simple for a layman to read and operate the system.
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